If you've never tried it, traveling mass transit can be intimidating. However, with the latest apple update, your iPhone can make it more accessible. Apple has been pushing out updates to its users that add local transit systems to their iMaps app. Anyone who has an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer has the iMaps app already, and those who live in bigger cities like New York, San Francisco, and Denver have had access to the local transit system for some time. But as of today (Tuesday, June 21, 2016), we now have access to it right here in Fort Collins.

It's easy to use and it will give you step by step directions to your destination including walking and what buses to take.

Like you always have, you first select your destination in your iMaps app on your Apple device. But now, rather than selecting the car icon for driving directions, you now select the icon that looks like a bus to get mass transit directions.

Goldberg, TSM, iMaps

After selecting this option, iMaps will then open up your step by step directions to get to your destination, including walking directions, bus transfers, bus schedules and times, and even rerouting delays.

Goldberg, TSM, iMaps

When I have visited other cities, I can't tell you how helpful this feature has been. Now that we have it in Fort Collins, I can see my family taking advantage of this more often, especially when heading to Old Town for one of the many summer events.