If you want to paint the town red, and any other color for that matter, the Fort Collins Mural Project needs you

The Trimble Court Artisans have a vacant wall in the alley west of Old Town Square, at 118 Trimble Court. The Fort Collins Mural Project is accepting concept submissions until May 15.

Via Fort Collins Mural Project/Facebook.com

For a local artist, this is some sweet mural real estate. According to the organization, the Fort Collins Mural Project was launched as 'a collaboration between local artists and art lovers...dedicated to empowering local artists, beautifying the city of Fort Collins, and building community through art.' You can see photos of the awesome artwork around town on the @FCMuralProject Twitter page.

My favorite downtown Fort Collins wall art is the one of the cats outside the Artery's upstairs patio. Because, you know, cats. So if anyone wants to do more of that, I'll enjoy it.

Madi Scruggs/TSM

To make a concept submissions, click here.