Taking the term 'tiny house' to a whole new level, in this tough market some millennials are ditching the idea of a house altogether, in the most transcendentalist way.

No rent, no lease, no utilities (besides gas). This is like, straight out of your dad's hippie Vietnam War protest days. But, these vans have more than just beaded curtains and a bong, they are full-on homes on wheels, and their interiors are pretty decked out.

Check it out: (via Now This)

With housing in Fort Collins, and most of Colorado, getting so out of control and pricey, would you consider this? If so, I did you a solid and found you some options (though, in need of TLC) on our Northern Colorado Craigslist.

1 -1978 Westfalia Camper; 2 -1975 VW Camper; 3 - 1968 Chevy Van; 4 - 1978 Ford 4X4; 5 - 1987 Ford Conversion Van