We've recently seen a town with no water, and even one with possible THC water (only in Colorado...), but this town had deadly water. And it's creepy as heck.

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We all know the story about the booming mining town turned ghost town in the Colorado mountains. Those are like, a dime a dozen; or at least they seemed like it when I was a kid on field trips. The mountain town of Gilman, however, was populated all the way up until the 1980s, when it took an eerie turn for the worst.

According to Atlas Obscura contributor Rachel, the Environmental Protection Agency  'discovered that Gilman and the cliff it occupied were beyond toxic,' because of the dangerous levels of arsenic, lead and more, which were present in both the groundwater and the soil the town sat on.

In the 1980s, the town was evacuated and it looks so creepy, I'm dying to see it. It is still really dangerous to visit today, however Atlas Obscura reports there are still abandoned homes, a school and even a bowling alley -- chills! Check out more haunting photos on Atlas Obsura.

Gilman Colorado's Abandoned Bowling Alley