We've heard of gourmet cupcakes. Gourmet frozen yogurt. And we even have a gourmet popcorn store in Fort Collins. But now we have gourmet popsicles. And while you may have missed out on the craze of the other three, this is something you definitely want to try!

Tuesday night my wife and I were walking around Old Town, and came across Revolution Artisan Pops for the first time. While they were closed when we were "hitting the town", the thought of the store intrigued me.

Gourmet popsicles?

Who came up with this idea which I think will be a SMASH hit in the city?

According to the Coloradoan, we have Jarod Dunn and Rebecca Barringer to thank for this new business which I think I will be taking a trip to on a weekly (if not DAILY) basis.

Not convinced yet that you need to make the trip to Revolution? How about these popsicle flavors that will make your mouth water?

Mexican Hot Chocolate Pop with Cinnamon...

Or how about a Harbinger's Coffee with Sweet Cream Pop?

You could always have a Meyer Lemon Pop with Fresh Ginger...

Yeah, I think you're sold now. And the best part is that they are very easy to find, with their location at 208 South College Avenue. This is right where Uncle Andy's Beef Jerky used to occupy.

The cost is great to cool down on a warm day, or to just get that icy goodness on a chilly day. It's $3.75 for a creamy bar, and $3.25 for a fruity bar.

They're open from 11a - 8pm Monday - Thursday, 11am-10pm Friday and Saturday, and 12pm - 8pm on Sundays.