If you have a family and looking for the best city to live in to raise them, Northern Colorado is the place to be. And it looks like Greeley and Loveland are tops in the state.

According to the Denver-focused website Westword, Colorado had a strong showing compared to other cities in the country when it comes to being "family-friendly".

The following categories were utilized to put cities in their rankings:

  • Safety
  • Housing Cost
  • School Quality
  • Child Friendliness

What cities in Colorado didn't make the list for this study? Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and Durango were all absent.

But when it comes to Northern Colorado, our cities were very strong. Here is how the main four Northern Colorado cities ended up:

And who ended up as the #1 Colorado city in the country for young families? That ranking belongs to Centennial, who ranks #95 throughout the entire country.

1.) Fort Collins

2.) Greeley

3.) Loveland

4.) Longmont