The Greeley City Council is considering two laws that are intended to discourage distracted driving, and I'm thinking it may be a good time for self driving cars. According to the Greeley Tribune, Greeley police are focusing on distracted drivers, after a lady "wrestling with her McDonolds bag," accidentally killed a cyclist. One of the two law that were proposed, would penalize any type of distracted driving. Police officers have cited situations where they witnessed drivers putting on makeup, eating and even reading books. All of these are just as dangerous, if not more so than using a cell phone, or texting. The other proposed law, would cover exactly that, any type of cell phone usage while driving.

I'm all for the stricter of the two law getting passed, and I'm starting to become more of a believer of the self driving car. With the release of the latest Tesla, that is a more affordable fully electric car, with self driving a standard feature. I'm excited, and looking forward to more "autonomous" vehicles on the road. You can see how they can save lives in the video below, when the autopilot feature avoids a large utility truck that was blindly crossing several lanes of traffic attempting to exit the highway.