After the news on Monday that both the Principal and Assistant Principal were escorted off of the Greeley West High School campus and placed on paid administrative leave a lot of questions as to the reason surfaced. 

According to the Greeley Tribune, Principal Shelli Robins and Assistant Principal John Diebold will be resigning effective June 30th after their role in a survey scandal. Both Robins and Diebold filled out parent surveys in 2015 and this year. Robins also ordered other Greeley West teachers to do the same.

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"These are very serious actions" District 6 Superintendent Diedre Pilch's read in her email. "The results of these parent surveys are reported annually to our Board of Education and our community at large". The spokeswoman for District 6, Theresa Myers confirmed that Greeley West secretary, Jessica Lutz has agreed to resign in connection with the investigation from the district.