April showers are usually known to bring flowers...unless you live in Greeley, where they apparently bring something else with them called a "gustnado." 

During an afternoon storm on Tuesday, April 12, multiple residents reported seeing a very menacing, funnel-looking shape whipping across the sky just north of Greeley, near the JBS Meat Packing Plant. Luckily, the swirling cloud was not an actual tornado, but rather a gustnado, which is defined as being a short-lived, low-level rotating vortex that develops on the leading edge of a severe thunderstorm. According to the National Weather Service, gustnadoes are not considered to be a tornado, however in some cases, it may be difficult to distinguish a gustnado from a tornado. The initial sight was reported to the Weld County Sheriff's Office just after 3 p.m., but lasted only a few minutes – just long enough to form a decently-sized, and seemingly threatening, dust devil. Strong winds from gustnadoes do have the possibility to cause significant damage, but fortunately there were no reports of any issues from the recent storm in Greeley. Winds were documented to have reached speeds of 20-40 miles per hour.