Being taken out by a flood, wildfire or getting chased my a mountain lion? Driving on I-70? Our recent invasion of moths? No, none of those are the 'scariest thing' in Colorado, according to this (hilarious) map.

But really, as someone who is, embarrassingly, really really afraid of moths -- what is going on in Fort Collins lately?! It's my worst fear come to fruition, but I'm getting by.

Click image to see full map:

According to this map from Pleated Jeans, the scariest thing in Colorado is falling rocks, which I'm not sure is exactly the first thing that pops up in my head when I think of scary things in Colorado. I'm more afraid of the food at Casa Bonita.

Some of these really made me giggle though. Hipsters? Mormons? Wal-Mart? Those all seem pretty harmless to me, but then again, so are moths...