This afternoon, why not drop in and spend some time with your local officers. With all the recent events, wouldn’t it be nice to know a few officers?

Christopher Jue, Getty Images

The City of Fort Collins along with the Fort Collins Police Services is having a little coffee break today (June 21, 2016). From 1-3pm, you can come and enjoy some time with local police officers while enjoying some Starbucks coffee, at Drake and Shields.  They’ll be there to answer your questions and to discuss public safety. They might be open to discussing gun control issues; they’ll probably be more than welcome to discuss how they’re helping your kids stay safe around Fort Collins this summer.

You could walk away with a better understanding of what the Police Services are doing for your community, and you could even make a new friend- who’s a cop!

Beans and Badges. Coffee and Cops. See you there!