This past weekend, the family and I took advantage of one of the summer gems of Fort Collins, The Holiday Twin Drive-In. If you've never been to a drive-in, here's my review and some tips. Once a month, my wife and I each take one of our girls and go on daddy-daughter and mommy-daughter dates. On my date with our five-year-old, I decided to do something we hadn't done before-- go to a drive-in movie.

We went to see the double feature of Angry Birds and the Jungle Book... and we had a blast. We had so much fun, in fact, that we went back the next night with the entire family to see the double feature showing on the other screen, X-Men Apocalypse and Eddie the Eagle. The first thing that surprised me was how crystal clear the screens were. I didn't expect such HD quality. Also, you have to use your car stereo for the movies audio. Take this into consideration on how you want to listen to your movie and how top-notch you want the quality... this, like the picture, is also crystal clear.

Holiday Twin Drive-In is a great family deal, with those 10 and up getting in for $7, ages 6 through 9 and seniors over 65 for $5, and kids under 6 getting in for free (at the entrance, they only accept cash). These are great prices to see a movie, and you get two if you decide to stay. They also have a great concession stand that is much more reasonably priced compared to traditional theaters, and this is very important.

Though some people do bring in coolers and outside food, it's technically not allowed, and for good reason. The movie studios essentially take what is collected at the door, so the Holiday Twin Drive-In makes it revenue from the concessions. So, we made it a point, like many who attended, to support them the best we could, and I'm sure they would appreciate it if you did the same.

Next, you should understand that what kind of car you drive will determine how close you are to the screen. Just like your class photo, the smaller in the front and bigger in the back. Though if you decide to watch from the bed of your lifted pickup truck, you're still going to get a great view from the back of the lot. You also have to decide how you're going to want to watch. Are you going to turn your car around and pop the tailgate, or are you going to watch it through your windshield? You can pull out lawn chairs and watch, however, you want to make sure you stay in front of your car and out of the road.Make sure to bring something to entertain yourself and the kids. The gates open between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m. and the early bird catches the worm when it comes to spots. Since the movies don't start until sundown, this means you can be there for a few hours before showtime. This can lead to some restless children and adults. Some bring a football to toss around, or a soccer ball to kick. I even saw some people bring a cornhole board.

With the movie not starting until sundown, this also means you should be prepared for the cold and sleepy children. Bring blankets and get comfortable, because you'll want to stay warm without leaving your car running, and some of the younger kids will fall asleep, especially if you decided to stay for both movies. You don't want to keep your car running as a courtesy to those around you, as I'm sure they don't want to spend the entire movie sucking on your exhaust. Also, when it gets cold, it gives you an excuse to snuggle under some blankets.

All in all, the Holiday Twin Drive-In is a Fort Collins gem, and I'm actually disappointed in myself for not checking it out sooner. If you've been there, you know how special it is, and if you haven't, make it a point to check it out. These are the types of local businesses that make our community one of the best places to live in the country and they deserve our support.