Thrillest complied a 'Winter Misery Index' for all fifty states. Given how much we love the slopes, but loathe scraping windshields and sliding on black ice, I'm surprised where we ranked.

Minnesota. Michigan. Alaska. North Dakota. Maine.

Those are the states which rank the highest in the 'Winter Misery Index.'

Hawaii. Arizona. California. Colorado. Florida.

Those are the states with the lowest index score. That's right, we have some of the least miserable winters in the country. But wait,

Oh yeah, winter is actually like, a legitimate season in Colorado, unlike the other four states mentioned. So why are we so un-miserable?! (Because we're stoned.)

Well, kind of. According to Thrillist, it's because 'The sun is shining, the winter sports are world class, and if people aren’t (legally) high as balls, then they’re getting into some fantastic beer.'

Actually, I have nothing to say to that. Because it's kind of true. What can we say, we love the snow, and the snow loves us (NSFW).