Among many other noteworthy lists, each year Forbes Magazine releases their top 50 picks for the World's Most Valuable Sports Teams, and this time around, the Denver Broncos made the final cut. The recent increase in worth for the Broncos franchise definitely has something to do with winning this little game called the Super Bowl, not once but three times – giving the 2016 champs an estimated value of $1.94 billion dollars, but other factors also go in to determining where teams fall on the list. And while Denver's current value is about 34 percent higher than how they ranked last year, since other teams' values also rose, the Broncos ended up landing right in the middle of the list.

The Broncos were the only team representing Colorado in this year's top 50, and although they are ALWAYS number one in our book, they came in at number 26 according to the official rankings. In total, NFL franchises took 27 out of the 50 spots, when it comes to the world's most valuable sports teams. Earning the number one spot was another NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys, who have an estimated value of $4 billion dollars - despite not having been to a Super Bowl in 20 years.

In addition to Denver's whole team having a high value placed upon it, two Broncos players also made Forbes's list for being among the world's 100 highest paid athletes. Retired quarterback, Peyton Manning holds the number 27 spot, earning an estimated pay of $34.2 million from salary and endorsements, while wide receiver Demaryius Thomas came in at number 73, with earnings of around $23.4 million.