We were driving down 392 yesterday between Greeley and Windsor going about 65mph. As we were nearing Windsor, I had my window cracked open about 3 inches. All of a sudden I feel a THWACK on my neck.

It stung a bit but didn't hurt. My initial reaction was "WHAT WAS THAT???", as we continued our drive. My wife put her hand down my back and screamed out, "EWWWW... It's fuzzy! Pull over!".

I ended up driving a tad bit further to the next intersection until I could turn right. I pull off on the dirt easement to see what hit me in the neck...and this is what it was:

I hastily grabbed a napkin out of our stash from the center console and picked it up in preparation of discarding it out of my car, but not before taking some pics of it.

From a little bit of research, I discovered that this is a Mud Dauber. They don't generically sting humans unless threatened...I would assume this little fella flying into my neck at 65mph would be considered threatening, however.  You never know what is going come flying through your window on any given day here in Northern Colorado.