Since Marijuana became legal throughout the state of Colorado, the question has been raised on if it was the right thing to do. Count Donald Trump as one of those questioning it.

According to Westword, Donald Trump was a guest on MSNBC this week with host Chris Matthews doing a town hall style special in Wisconsin. While they tried to focus on other issues during the event, Trump was able to turn the tide and focus on the legalization of marijuana here in the state of Colorado.

The big thing that came out of the interview with Chris Matthews? That Trump has heard many negative reports from our state about the legalization, and that he is watching our situation before he would make move across the country with it.

Here's a portion of Trump's statement from the full transcript during the MSNBC appearance, courtesy of Westword:

QUESTION: So my question for you is around prison reform. What do you see needs to be reformed with our prison system? And with that, what do you think about drug legalization playing into the reform?

TRUMP: I think that as far as drug legalization, we talk about marijuana, and in terms of medical, I think I am basically for that. I've heard some wonderful things in terms of medical. I'm watching Colorado very carefully to see what's happening out there. I'm getting some very negative reports, I'm getting some okay reports. But I'm getting some very negative reports coming out of Colorado as to what's happening, so we'll see what happens.

I think a lot of people are really looking at Colorado for prison reform. I think our — as you know, our prison system is a disaster, it's complete disaster all over the country. Almost everything we have, Chris, if you want to know the truth, is a disaster.

As many people state, it depends on how you look at it on whether or not the legalization of marijuana has been a good or bad thing for the state.

But the question is...what do you think about it?