Hands down, the best time of the year is chile roasting season! The smell of roasting chiles permeating through the air as you drive by any given intersection where the chiles are roast is nothing short of intoxicating.

Matt Sparx

Our drive late yesterday afternoon ended up taking us near my favorite chile roasters down in the northern part of the Denver Metro area off of 52nd and Sheridan. The fine folks at the Morales Family Chile Store helped me pick out two bushels of chiles. Each of the bushels consisted of a tried and true measuring system... Laundry baskets! Two laundry baskets full of chiles is exactly what I need!  My wife and I opted for the lesser of the heat levels and chose to get the medium heat chile peppers as we still have a few bags of Dynamite left from last year.

Overjoyed with happiness, I eagerly took a video of our precious chiles being roasted in the large drums. The hissing, cracking and popping sounds was music to my ears and the smell put me on cloud 9!

After letting the copious amounts of chiles steam in a thick white plastic bag, my wife and I put them into freezer bags and then wrapped them in foil to deter freezer burn.

Matt Sparx

Each bag contained 1 dozen chiles. After the bagging process was completed we ended up with well over 32 dozen chiles. One of the bags had more than 2 dozen chiles. They were the smallest chiles out of the batch and I plan on skinning them, removing the majority of the seeds and throwing them in a dehydrator to make green chile powder. We plan on buying more to last us through the next year too... We also might need to buy a new freezer to accommodate the chiles as well.