Over the weekend in Nothern Colorado, was the second annual Rock'n Western Rendezvous, at the Ranch in Loveland, and there were some kids there showing off their rib eating prowess. Something that has always been on my bucket list, is to compete in a "food challenge." Unfortunately, on Sunday at the Ranch in Loveland, the rib eating competition I announced was the kids division. Kids and young adults from across Colorado, and one in town visiting from California, participated in a three-minute competition to show who could eat the most ribs.

For the younger competitors, they needed to pick up their first rib with their mount, and for the older competitors, they needed to eat their first two ribs without their hands. The only other rule, it that there was no throwing up. At first, all the competitors started slow, looking like they didn't want to get too messy. That is until they heard the cheering of the crowd and their parents, urging them to dig in and go wild.

When the dust of the competition settled, it was the young competitor from California who bested them all. The young man downed 8 ribs in three minutes, winning himself a brand new custom cornhole board. Check out some of the photos from the competition below.