Kittens are breaking the internet, once again. Five gang members from South Carolina are stealing the hearts of Lo.veland, after accidently stowing away on a delivery truck

Dan Kitwood, Getty Images

I think I’ll call them ‘The Shakespeare Gang’; five, cute little stowaway kittens.  It seems a delivery truck left a Shakespeare plant in South Carolina with some light poles for the City of Loveland. Unbeknownst to the driver, five kittens had somehow managed to also ride along.  It wasn’t until he started unloading the lights in Loveland, after a week of traveling across the country, that he found the gang.  They were dirty, hungry, and thirsty, as you’d imagine. One the little gang member almost didn’t survive; I’ll call that one. ‘Lucky.’

The kittens are on the mend and are already planning their next caper. Be watching the streets and protect your hearts, people. Unless, you’d like to adopt them and get them on the straight and narrow. They’ll be up for adoption on June 18th.

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