The Ironhorse Apartments in Longmont have decided to go high-tech to catch dog poo offenders.


I know this isn't the most pleasant story and hopefully before clicking you have looked away from whatever meal you are eating. But. This story is fascinating. The apartments have partnered with PooPrints, located in Tennessee; that claims to use DNA to match pet wasted that is left on the grounds.

You're probably wondering how they know what poo belongs to which pooch. Here's the deal. Residents are required to bring their pets to the clubhouse for initial DNA testing, to which Ironhorse is paying the $40-per-pet fee for the DNA testing. Then, if a resident does not pick up after their four-legged friend, a sample is gathered by the maintenance crew and then sent to the PooPrints lab.

The fine gets pretty hefty at $130 per occurrence! Kind of makes bending over and picking it up not such a bad thing.

Source: Denver Post