Will Jess be there? That's all I really want to know...

Warner Bros./Getty Images

On May 15, 2007, the final episode of Gilmore Girls aired, and we were left with a void where quick wit and sarcastic banter used to be. So, we've been anxiously awaiting the show's reunion (which we hope is way better than Fuller House) coming to Netflix in November.

Tomorrow (October 5) marks the 16-year anniversary of the original pilot episode's TV debut, and Netflix is behind something pretty cool in celebration.

All across the country, coffee shops will be hosting 'pop-up' Luke's Diners, and will be serving up complementary coffee to 250 Gilmore Girls fans -- and taking it a step further, according to Eater.

The online streaming service will be providing "all the Luke's Diner essentials" for the staff and baristas, including branded hats and aprons. No word yet on whether there will be flannel-clad gruff proprietors running about, but dare to dream, Gilmore fans. Source: eater.com

Ah, so Jess probably won't be there... but yes, a girl can dream. While there are no Stars Hallows popping up in our Northern Colorado neighborhoods, you can see the participating locations in Denver at townofstarshallow.org.

Coffee Depot on 15th Street in Cheyenne will be participating.