I am both impressed and disgusted witnessing this competitive eater as he breaks his own record, downing 200 candy peeps in just over fourteen minutes. Matt Stonie, also known as "Megatoad" doubled his previous record, consuming 200 of the marshmallow treats on a YouTube video. His previous record was 100 Peeps in just over 2 minutes.

In the video, Stonie points out that the 200 Peeps he consumed comes out to about 5,600 calories, and 1,360 grams of sugar. Stonie is not a stranger to such challenges, as he is known as one of the worlds most formidable professional eaters. Some of his eating accomplishments include 182 strips of bacon in 5 minutes, 14.5 pounds of birthday cake in 8 minutes, 24 8-ounce Gyros in 10 minutes and a 20 pound pumpkin pie in 8 minutes... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.