Happy Star Wars Day, 2016! I've never seen the movie (or any of them) to be honest, but the rest of you have been celebrating in full... force. From office breakfasts to some Leia with your latte, here's how Northern Colorado does May 4. #MayTheFourthBeWithYou

Malorie in Loveland

'Luke, use the forks.'

Courtesy Malorie Gilbert, Facebook.com

Jake in Denver

Oh, my gosh.  Please tell me those are Starbucks pastries on the sides of your head.

Courtesy Jake Euler, Facebook.com

Coleen in Loveland

Death Star Waffles

Courtesy Coleen Elliot, Facebook.com

Tim Owens, DDS in Fort Collins

I see the potential for a Darth Mol-ar joke here.

The Fox and the Crow in Fort Collins

Cheese, I want.

Satan Horse in Denver

And then, of course, there was last year in Denver.