If you were a kiddo who grew up on Star Trek, Seinfeld or Pee Wee Herman, you might want to make your way over to Totally 80's Pizza on College Ave. in Fort Collins. 

Marion Birdy/ThinkStock

On Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1, actor John 'Jambi' Paragon, who appeared in all three of those shows, will be making an appearance at our local pizza/nostalgia joint -- and it's free!

Totally 80's needs your help to make this event totally rad, so they can continue to bring in some of your other favorite blast-from-the-past actors.

If this FREE event is a success we are in talks with bringing Michael J. Fox, Corey Feldman or Molly Ringwald to the restaurant for the next celebrity event. Please help us make this event successful by sharing this post if you know someone who loves Pee Wee Herman, Seinfeld or Star Trek! source: Totally 80's Pizza Facebook