Miracle, an adorable miniature pig, was born on August 31, 2016, along with a litter of five other piglets, at a breeder's farm in Elbert, Colorado. Much to the breeder, Ari Smith's suprise though, when Miracle was delivered, he looked very different from his brothers and sisters. That's because Miracle happens to be missing his back two legs, but that doesn't stop him from living life just like any other happy, normal pig would. According to Smith, during birth, Miracle came out almost simultaneously with another sibling, and both umbilical cords were still attached to the mom, so there's a chance that Miracle was squashed and didn't have room to grow. Smith didn't even think Miracle would survive, as mother pigs typically abandon the "sick" babies of the litter, but in a matter of minutes, Miracle was already figuring out how to walk on just two legs, and even pushed one of his siblings out of the way to get to his momma's nipple.

Photo via Miracle the Mini Pig on Facebook

Fast forward to about eight weeks later, and Miracle is still thriving, and proving to be a strong little fighter who has absolutely no problem getting around the barn on only two legs. In fact, Smith doesn't believe that Miracle even knows anything is wrong with him whatsoever. Although, because pigs always vie for top position, Smith thinks the other pigs on the farm might start to bully him for being different. Smith, who is also the founder of Colorado Cutie Pigs, is currently working with a team of veterinarians in order to get Miracle fitted with his own wheelchair. A GoFundMe Page has also been set up for people to donate to the cause. However, because Smith does not have the right facility to care for a special needs animal, she is seeking out someone who can properly care for the little guy and give him a loving and forever home.