Living in Colorado, we are lucky to have so much scenic wilderness around us to explore. When taking part in outdoor adventures, it's usually pretty common to come across several different species of wildlife, but nothing is quite as exciting as seeing a majestic moose, up-close in its natural habitat.

Walden is one of the prime moose-viewing locations in Northern Colorado, and this Saturday, August 13, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be hosting a festival that's entirely centered around these massive mammals. Happening from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Moose Visitor Center in State Forest State Park, guests are invited to stop by and take the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about moose living in our state and also participate in family-friendly activities. The festival includes expert speakers and workshops that will teach you fun and interesting facts, plus tips on how to observe moose safely in the wild. You'll definitely want to pay attention, because Colorado Parks and Wildlife claim that the chances for visitors getting to catch a glimpse of a moose at the park are pretty good – year-round, over 600 have been observed to be living in the North Park area.

The Moose Visitor Center is located at 56750 Highway 14, about one mile east of the town of Gould. A park pass is required in order to get into the festival, which can be purchased at the visitor center for $7.