Tons of talented musicians call Fort Collins home. From diverse solo artists to bands that span across a variety of genres, the local music scene has definitely grown throughout the years, gaining more and more support from the community as it does. 

The Bohemian Foundation has always fully embraced the local arts and music culture, shining a huge spotlight on it with events like NewWestFest. It makes sense then, that the newest project they are standing behind, is creating a space where local musicians can come together to further develop their talents and connect with others in the industry.

Old Town has several great venues that frequently play host to local artists' shows, but the Bohemian Foundation is working on building an entire Music District, spanning from 619 to 639 South College, that will act as a general hub for area musicians. The multi-functional gathering place will include practice rooms and rehearsal areas, rental equipment and a music library, media resources and career counseling, and a variety of programs to encourage and inspire creativity among musicians. There will even be a few apartments on-site for artists participating in in-town residencies. The vision is to make music in our city more abundant and accessible.

Right now, the buildings and surrounding parking areas of the new Music District are in the process of being completely refurbished, with an anticipated opening date of summer 2016. Keep up with the latest news and information by checking out