Today is National Napping Day! This day likely came about because of the tiredness that results in springing forward an hour.

Lucy the Wonder Dog.Credit: Alana Lynn, Townsquare Media

I'm not going to be one who disagrees with National Napping Day, not even a little bit. While napping may seem like a toddler activity, napping has been shown to improve things like blood pressure, it helps to limit mistakes, is a remedy to refresh you, reduces stress and boosts productivity.

The Sleep Foundation says napping can fall into three different categories:

Planned Napping: This involves taking a nap before you get sleepy. Think: To prepare for a late night ahead.

Emergency Napping: When you are suddenly tired and cannot continue with the activity you were originally doing. Think: Driving and you get super sleepy and have to pull over for a nap.

Habitual Napping: You take a nap at the same time each day. Think: Little kids.

In honor of National Napping Day, let's look at some great examples of napping.


  • 1

    Bill Clinton Is OUT

  • 2

    Politics = Hard Work = Hard Napping

  • 3

    Kitten Waves During Nap

  • 4

    Pandas Show You How to Panda

  • 5

    And Biden is out.