I've always thought there was something kind of... cult-y behind the whole concept of sororities and fraternities, and I opted to make it through college sans sisterhood. Also, monogrammed yoga pants -- just not my thing.

So anyway, the gates of Hell were opened last week on YouTube and as the unofficial anti-Greek Life spokeswoman, you know I got a kick out of this

After that video went viral, the New York Post followed up with another one that highlights just how these 'chanting' videos come across to us outsiders. It features a sorority house you may recognize from Fort Collins, Zeta Tau Alpha... AND YOU'LL JOIN 'IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU.' 

I'm sure there are also great things about sororities-- clearly, I wouldn't know because I was never in one (because let's be real, I don't think I would fit in even if I tried). ZTA at CSU is actively involved in community events and the ladies in the local chapter have dedicated themselves to breast cancer awareness and education while wearing Ugg boots, which really doesn't seem all that Satanic to me.

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