Disclaimer: Most of what you are about to hear is historically inaccurate. 

Yes, Poudre City is real. And, yes, we had way too much fun with saying it out loud. With everything in Fort Collins named after the Poudre (pronounced POO-DER for those of you not familiar) like our public libraries, school district and hospital, to name just a few, I've actually wondered why Fort Collins wasn't just named 'Poudre City.' ...And then I get the giggles again.

It turns out there is a Poudre City in Larimer County. Or, there was. It's a now a ghost town, almost completely washed out in the 1890s when the Chamber Lake dam busted in the Poudre Canyon. Supposedly, all that is left of the town is the chimney from the old stamp mill.

Hang on tight, we're about to take you up the Poudre in this week's episode of Northern Colorado Offensive History. You might get wet! Take a listen to Northern Colorado Offensive History: Poudre City

And, in case you missed the town of Nunn: