Northern Colorado loves its beer!  With all of our craft brewers, how could we not? With the area's fascination about beer, we do a lot of stories on the subject. To celebrate National Beer Day, here's a 6-pack of my favorite stories from over the last year!

  • How to Carry Beer on Your Bike

    In February, Shelby had the story on getting yourself ready for spring weather and traveling with your beer on a bike. Great tip!

  • New Belgium's Gluten-Free Beer

    In November, Goldberg brought us the story on how New Belgium Brewery had landed on a process to reduce gluten in their beers!

  • Budweiser's Beer Vault

    In September, I brought you this story that I thought was fascinating: How AB/Budweiser has a bunker keeping their original yeast from the 1800's fresh!

  • Greeley Bar Rewards You For Not Driving

    In March, I'd heard about this Greeley bar that gives out a free drink to drivers who leave their car in their parking lot after having too many. A very good idea!

    Jupiterimages, ThinkStock
  • An Ear for Beer

    Around Christmastime, Mollie had the story of a couple in Minnesota who were drinking and got in a fight over a beer. The wife was arrested... for biting off part of the hubby's ear. Santa did not approve.

    Jaykayl, ThinkStock
  • City Star's Etch-A-Sketch

    With beer AND art being so prevalent in Northern Colorado, this story from August is a home run. City Star Brewing in Berthoud had an Etch-A-Sketch on display with a sketch of their establishment. Turns out, there's a video of the sketch as well!

    Dave Jensen, TSM