Clean up the Poudre River, win prizes, drink Bloody Marys and maybe even get a bad tattoo; Get trashed in Fort Collins.

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Pig Farm Ink and Music City Hot Chicken have thought of this clever way to keep our river clean -- by making it into a competition (and a party). Starting at 10 a.m. on Sunday, September 11, you and your team can sip mimosas while fly fishing garbage and collecting trash all along of the Poudre River.

According to the Facebook event page, you can win prizes based on the following point system:

1. New Anglers 1st fish- 25 pts, all other fish- 10 pts,
2. All other Angler’s fish- 1 pt each
3. Each contractor's bag full of garbage – 50 pts each (your own drink containers count)
4. Individual objects that don’t fit in bag are 25 pts each
5. If a team member is willing to get a bad tattoo 100 pts each [source]

I don't know what the last one has to do with anything... but OK. For even more event details, check out the Get Trashed Facebook page, and head over to to register your team.