It would be hard enough to put yourself through school and not get a job after -- but what if you didn't even get the degree, or the education? That is how a lot of Regency Beauty Institute students are feeling today.

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According to several news outlets, students are shocked that the chain has announced all locations across the country will be shutting down, including the one in Fort Collins.

I heard about this through a Facebook friend, who had posted about it while her classmates feared whether credits would transfer to other institutions, or if they were just at a total loss.

The very sudden announcement was made on Thursday, September 29, and while I haven't heard any reactions regarding the Fort Collins school, according to ABC 7 in Chicago, 'Some students found out about the closing by text message, others showed up to class to see a sign posted on the doors of the school's 79 campuses,' which has really upset students, understandably.

Regency ultimately has cited financial reasons for closing down. KDVR Denver published the official statement from Regency, and said that students have two two-hour windows to pick up their supplies. There is one other location in Colorado in Westminster.

In Chicago (Via ABC 7):