So yesterday, a rhino named Bandhu got loose in the Denver Zoo and wandered into a yard of staff and volunteers. No one was injured which means we're allowed to make jokes about it. Ready? Go.

Philip Brown via Getty Images

Staff and volunteers at the Denver Zoo state they were making milkshakes at the time Bandhu came into the yard. Bandhu is a male so it turns out, Kelis was right.

Cindy, a Denver Zoo zookeeper, said that 'everyone remained calm, while maintaining their charm and their halo.'

The staff and volunteers were having a meeting at the time Bandhu entered the yard. Bill, a three-year volunteer of the Denver Zoo said, 'Can we please address the elephant in the room?' OMG, Bill. That's a rhino. This is why you'll always be 'just a volunteer.'

Lastly, Bandhu wandered out of his enclosement on April 21, in Denver. The Denver Zoo may want to consider drug testing whoever was responsible for locking Bandhu's gate. Zoo officials released a statement saying, 'Everyone just chill out, man.'

Our accounts are completely fictional, but you can see the full story from the Denver Post here.