There is a comradery between Jeep Wrangler owners. However, here in Colorado, there is a tradition that many Wrangler owners are ignoring. When they say, "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand," those are not just words. When one buys a Jeep Wrangler, you are now a part of a community, a brotherhood if you will. It does not matter if you have a stock Jeep or one that is lifted to the sky. When you own a jeep, you are now a part of the club.

However, there is one tradition that has been going on for years between Jeep Wrangler owners, that I don't see happening here in Colorado... "The Jeep Wave." I didn't know of the "Jeep Wave" when I bought my jeep back in 1999 (yes it's old and no matter what my wife has to say I'm never getting rid of it), but I was quickly educated by another Wrangler owner that verbally scolded me for not waving back to another driver. I had just thought that other drivers were mistaking me for someone that they knew, so I wasn't returning the wave, and found out that I was spitting on a long held tradition.

The "Jeep Wave" is a courtesy acknowledgment that one Jeep Wrangler driver gives to another driver when passing one another on the road. Now this wave is not shared with drivers of other models of Jeep, just those who are driving Wranglers. Ever since I was first educated on the wave, I have been a dedicated practitioner. Wherever I have lived others have also participated in the "Jeep Wave," Pittsburgh, Des Moines, Kansas City, Dallas... But not Colorado, not in Colorado Springs or Northern Colorado. My friend from Pittsburgh, and a fellow Wrangler driver, asked me "what's with no one doing the Jeep Wave" soon after moving to Denver.

I didn't have an answer for him and it's something that has bothered me for years. Why do Jeep Wrangler owners in Colorado not participate in the "Jeep Wave?" Do they believe they are too good for it? Are there just too many Wrangler owners in Colorado that one fears carpel tunnel due to so much waving? Or has the Jeep Wrangler community in our state just not been educated about this long-standing tradition?

Now, I do get waves back from about 30% of Jeep drivers. But that number is unacceptable. So I take it upon you to spread the word. Do you own a Wrangler? Do you know someone that does? If so, take up arms and wave, ask your friends if they wave, encourage them to do so if they don't. Let every man woman and child know of the "Jeep Wave," and let us build this Colorado community. We live in Colorado, there is no reason that the Jeep Wrangler community should be stronger in other states. Colorado is the dream destination for every Wrangler driver, and let us not shun or disappoint them when they arrive in our great state, but let us embrace and welcome them with a friendly wave.