When a storm like this hits the Front Range, it hits hard. Better charge up your devices, power is going out all over!

George Frey, Getty Images

The storm went from a Winter Storm Warning to a Blizzard Warning, and then came barreling in.  I guess you just don’t think it’s going to get that bad after January and February. Yet, here it is – a classic full-on March (spring) blizzard.  Strong winds and heavy snow contributed to hundreds of closures across the state. People remained at home, but found home wasn’t all that fun, either.

The heavy snow on top of trees; those trees came down on top of cars and garages. The heavy snow also came down on power lines, causing those lines to go down and leave many, many people and businesses without power.

DIA cancelled over 250 flights. Xcel Energy reported nearly 90,000 people across Colorado were without power at one point. Poudre Valley REA was struggling as well. Even our own radio stations in Windsor were affected – with two of them being off-the-air because of the power being out at our tower sites.

The first thing I thought when I saw my lights flickering was, ‘I better charge up my phone and laptop, things could get…worse.’

[Source: CBSDenver]