Good news for all you chocolate lovers, and I'm think that's everyone. A new study shows it's better for you than one would think. According to the Telegraph, regular consumption of chocolate can improve your brains cognitive ability to function. You can see improved memory, abstract reasoning and visual spacial memory... like remembering where that store was located, where you had that really good chocolate.

Apparently, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice... sorry, wrong article, the darker the chocolate, the better it is for you. The study has also found that chocolate is good at reducing fevers, revealing childhood diarrhea, increasing breast-milk production, better sleep and even clean teeth. When I'm done here, I need to call my dentist and have a few words with him. I better have some chocolate so I don't forget.

I'm sure overindulging on chocolate is still not good for you. However, like many things, consuming it in moderation can have surprising results. The study even said, that dissolving a little chocolate on your tongue before a meal, will curb your appetite. Who would have ever thought that chocolate could help you lose weight?