The suspect that fired multiple gunshots at a Boulder County Sheriff's deputy on September 10, just south of Longmont on Highway 287, has now been identified as 37-year-old Adrian Joseph Shaffer of Boulder. Shaffer has an extensive criminal history, and following the incident this weekend, he remains under investigation for attempted first degree murder of a peace officer, as well as for several other crimes related to his unprovoked, violent attack. Shaffer's motive has yet to be determined, and he remains innocent until proven guilty.

At approximately 5:15 p.m. on Saturday evening, the Boulder County Communications Center received several calls about a shirtless man walking alongside Highway 287, who appeared to be agitated, trying to start fights with passing vehicles, and who was also observed to be carrying a gun. Deputy Teri Javes was nearby the area and was able to quickly locate the suspicious man, but upon exiting her the patrol car, Shaffer revealed his weapon and opened fire. The driver's side window of Javes' vehicle was shot out, and she immediately began to return fire. Shaffer was shot twice during the exchange, although the exact number of rounds fired has yet to be determined. Shaffer was transported by ambulance to Longmont United Hospital, and was later airlifted to a Denver hospital to treat his wounds. As of Monday afternoon, Shaffer was still in the hospital and is said to be in critical, grave condition. Deputy Javes was uninjured during the altercation and is currently on administrative, paid leave while the investigation continues – customary protocol for any officer or deputy involved in a deadly force encounter.

The investigation surrounding this case is still on-going, and is being handled by the Boulder County Investigation Team. Read the original story here.