On Saturday, September 10, a Boulder County Sheriff's deputy was involved in a shooting on U.S. 287/North 107th Street, upon responding to calls of a man walking along the side of the road, acting aggressively toward motorists.

Around 5:15 p.m., multiple reports came in about a shirtless man who was allegedly trying to start fights with passing cars, and who was also carrying a gun in the waist of his pants. As a deputy approached the man in the 7500 block of North 107th, the armed suspect quickly engaged in gunfire, shooting out the deputy's vehicle window. Multiple gunshots were exchanged and the suspect was shot several times. Although only one deputy was involved in the gunfight, a heavy police presence gathered on U.S. 287 between Oxford Road and Niwot Road, closing the area for several hours after the shooting occurred.

The deputy did not suffer any physical injuries during the gunfire, and has been placed on administrative leave following the incident. The suspect sustained numerous gunshot wounds and is now recovering at an area hospital, though his condition is unknown. As of late Saturday, police had not released the deputy or the suspect's name to the public. The Boulder County Critical Incident Team is further investigating this case.