I don't think I've ever been so dehydrated before, and these 90 degree days have left me going through leather jacket withdrawals, and yet, I still had a blast at the 20th annual Taste of Fort Collins.

Shelby, Scruggs and Mollie from 94.3 The X at Taste of Fort Collins Friday Night. Photo- Mollie Kendrick/TSM


We were all pretty hot -- aaand kind of sticky -- but #filter or #nofilter (or #popfilter), we were looking pretty good on Instagram. These were our ten fave #tasteoffoco grams from the weekend festival.


This kid in a hamster ball. I mean it's a great photo. But also, a kid. In a hamster ball. Love it.

I love that Instagrammer Ann Baker showed us all the cool things she tasted, because this is the Taste of Fort Collins, after all. 

Mandy Anderson got a great shot of The Wombats from the audience of Friday night's Show on the Pederson Scion stage in Washington Park.

Even gnomes like to dance to songs about dancing to Joy Division by The Wombats. 

Caitlyn Merrill snapped a great pic of One Flew West frontman, Linden.

And then One Flew West returned the favor. Caitlyn is probably in there somewhere. 

#nofilter #yestfilter #popfilter

 Shout out to 94.3 The X's morning show host, Mollie Kendrick for making such a cool summer festival-ready flower crown. (I tried... but failed.)

At first I thought this was just a cute photo of some friends having a good time... then I read the caption. #guilty

And, of course, keeping up with my tradition! #nofilter, because this is a real-deal Polaroid from backstage with The Wombats.