Week One of the NFL is finally here, and while that's exciting enough for all the eager pigskin fans out there, if you're among one of the many millions that also plays in a fantasy football league, the beginning of the season brings about even more entertainment and thrills. Participating in fantasy football is a fun way to enjoy the season with friends, and it's also a great way to get people interested in teams or games that they might not usually care too much about. If you're playing in a fantasy league this year, you've probably already had your draft, or it’s set to take place sometime before 6:30 p.m. on September 8. While there’s a lot that goes into picking your players, another amusing aspect is actually coming up with a team name. If you're struggling in the name department, here are ten suggestions you could go with for the 2016-2017 season.

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    Saved By Le'Bell

    Although his four-game suspension is currently pending, it doesn't necessarily mean that Le'Veon should drop in the fantasy roster rankings. In fact, he's owned in 99.6% of leagues, and those who were smart enough to draft him could very well be saying "Saved By Le'Bell" come the middle of the season.

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    Gurley's Gone Wild

    Last season sure was an exciting time for Todd Gurley, who not only made his NFL debut, but came out of the gates smokin' hot. His performance last year makes him one of the top-drafted running backs for the 2016 fantasy season, and team owners definitely hope to see Gurley go wild again this time around.

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    Turn Down For Watt

    After spending the off season recovering from back surgery, this three-time Defensive Player of the Year is back and ready to play for the 2016 season. Turn down for Watt?

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    Brady and the Tramps

    Brady and the tramps– er, the rest of the Patriots squad, definitely received a lot of attention in the media last season...though not exactly the kind they were probably hoping for. #Deflategate

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    Winning Is My Forte

    Matt Forte built up an impressive resume during his eight seasons spent with the Chicago Bears. As he now looks to take his talents to the Jets, winning more games could definitely be in their forte, as well as for fantasy owners who happened to pick him up too.

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    Cry Me A Rivers

    Sorry to all the Chargers fans out there, but this one is pretty self-explanatory...

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    Miller Highlife

    Between partying with famous rappers, making appearances at awards shows and on TV, visiting the White House, and purchasing a $40,000 diamond grill for his teeth, it's pretty safe to say that Von spent his off season living the Miller Highlife.

    *This team name also works nicely for college-aged fantasy football players, based on what can likely be found in their dorm room refrigerators come Sunday afternoons.

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    Green Bowl Packers

    If you're a Green Bay fan living in Colorado, this team name is likely an accurate statement of how you and friends will spend the following Sundays.

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    Gotta Catch Jamaal OR Jamaal About That Bass

    Jamaal Charles is speedy, but hopefully easier for players to catch than that pesky Pikachu, and while we know he's all about that run game, it's probably safe to say he's all about that bass too. This one is a two-fer, so take your pick between the two.

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