#mmmmhops. If the Hanson boys were your teenage dream, then fortunately you are of legal drinking age, and may have met the youngest, Zac, at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver over the weekend where he poured Hanson Borthers beer and was basically a genie making dreams come true.

You know, the one that looked most like an Olsen twin?

Brenda Chase/Getty Images

I don't drink beer so I never considered going to the festival over the weekend, but dammit if I knew my (pre)teen crush, Zac Hanson, was on tap, then I may have given it a go for that reason alone. (Though, I think I was really always more for Taylor.)

I mean, I still have my Middle of Nowhere album, and I'm not embarrassed about it.

Although I didn't go, it's pretty clear on Instagram that Zac Hanson 'made dreams come true' all weekend.

Like this girl, who just checked 'Touch a Hanson' off of her bucket list. 

Or this girl whose dream came true.

Or this girl, whose dreams came true. 

And this woman whose dreams also came true. #Zacwasherfavorite.

This gal met her teenage crush. 

While this woman's turned into an adult crush. 

SillyJilly, your friends were just as excited as you were, whether they admitted it or not. We admire your dedication.

And then Amy. Amy's face says it all.

Selena's cousin totally lost her cool over this SnapChat, but that's OK because we're all Selena's cousin. 

Then there's Brittney, just like, remaining calm.