Mental Health has such a stigma. But, you know, everytime the conversation starts I'm always surprised how many people, just like myself struggle with some kind of mental illness. Anxiety and depression seem to be a common occurrence in my circle of mommy friends, but, I also know of several grown men, who struggle.

A filmmaker decided to take on the stigma of mental illness. That film will be part of a whole mental health festival happening in Fort Collins, hoping to change the way society views mental illnesses.

The event is free. The event is at the Downtown Artery on October 14th, starting at 4pm. It's called "Break Open: A Mental Health Festival" which will include music from Wasteland Hop and more, art and the film "Break Open" all about showing support and changing perceptions on mental health.

From the event website:

“The mission of Break Open is to challenge perceptions, break down stigma, and provide people tools for their mental toolkit.”

This topic has recently been slowly garnering the right kind of exposure, according to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) 1 in 5 Adults in America live with Mental Illness every day. Break Open and the accompanying first Friday gallery show on the 7th, all have the capacity to raise awareness and spread ideas.

A Mental Health Film