Yes. How did it get there? We have no idea.

But, we learn something new everyday, like that there is a massive collection of keys near Estes Park, in a 99-year-old hotel (and I mean like, 20,000-keys massive). Maybe all of the keys I'm constantly misplacing wind up here...

The 1917 Baldpate Inn is named after a fictional location in the mystery novel 'Seven Keys to Baldpate,' and you can read the full (and very interesting story) on the inn's website. So, what's the deal with all the keys?

Going along with the 'novel' idea, the innkeepers used to let guests keep a key as a souvenir, but during WWI, metal became so valued that they were forced to discontinue the tradition. However, rather than halt it altogether, loyal guests decided to instead bring a key to the inn when they visited -- which apparently really caught on.

The collection boasts over 20,000 keys including examples from the Pentagon, Westminster Abby, Mozart’s wine cellar, and even Frankenstein’s castle to name a few. Source: The Baldpate Inn website

According to Roadside America, there is even a key to Hitler's bunker in the collection. Who knew this cool (and kind of eerie) 'key' to the past was hidden right here in our Northern Colorado mountains?

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