On April 4, 1964, the Billboard singles charts were overtaken by a certain combo from Liverpool calling themselves the Beatles. On that date, 48 years ago today, the Fab Four held down the top five spots on the Billboard Pop chart.

The records were No. 1, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love,’ No. 2, ‘Twist and Shout,’ No. 3, ‘She Loves You,’ No. 4, ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand,’ and No. 5, ‘Please Please Me.’ They are the only act ever to occupy the top five positions at the same time.

A Billboard timeline story from that very day begins as such, “Just about everyone is tired of the Beatles. Disc jockeys are tired of playing the hit group; the writers are tired of writing about them. Everyone’s tired of the Beatles except the listening and buying public.” We wonder how they felt two or three or six years later!

With ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ giving the band their third No.1 in a row, they achieved another record that still stands to this day.  In its 52 year history, no other act has had three consecutive No. 1′s on the Billboard chart.

And this, we may remind you, was only the beginning!