In the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is the town of Gilman, sitting at an elevation of 8,950 feet. While it is now considered a "ghost town", many people visit it yearly.

The question is: What fascinates people the most about this little town that time has forgotten?

The answer? You get flashed back into time because of the abandoned buildings that scatter the landscape. Now, the one thing you want to keep in mind is that the entire town is now considered private property, so you are essentially trespassing if you set foot on the land.

(DISCLAIMER: We don't condone trespassing or criminal activity on the land!!)

However, that hasn't stopped people from being "sent in time" and going into some of the buildings that made this town a center of commerce as recent as over 40 years go.

A little background on the town of Gilman for you: Years ago, it was the centerpiece in the state for lead and zinc mining. People from all over the country came to the town for what it had to offer for their fortunes.

However, because of toxic pollutants that came with the mining, the EPA abandoned the Eagle Mine which brought the forward movement of the town to a standstill.

What's amazing is that much of the town still looks the same as it did when the mine first closed! Want to see some of it for yourself?

Here's a video on Youtube which shows the abandoned bank, with many documents still at a hands reach for people to take a look at (if they dare):

And here's a more in-depth video found on Youtube, which shows a great deal of the town and what is still standing. While this video is from 2008, many of what you see in this video is still relevant to today!

Again, we can't stress enough that the entire town is now on private land, so you technically can't be on the land. It has been explored by more photographers and adventurers than anyone else. If you plan on heading that way, explore at your own risk!