Sure, I'm like, an independent woman, #girlpower or whatever, but the struggle is real, and here is why.

  • Everyone Else Who is Still Single... still in college. You're looking for someone who is stable and established in adulthood, just like you (kind of...). He's looking for someone to make out with in the Rec Room. He just makes you feel kind of old. And responsible.

  • Fort Collins Has So Many Cute Date Ideas

    And you can either go do them on your own and feel weird about it. Or, you can just... not. From hikes at Horsetooth to picnics in City Park to dinner in Old Town... takeout for one it is!

    Daniel Hurst/ThinkStock
  • You Have to Pay Rent All on Your Own

    Like I said, it feels great to be that girl who supports herself, but I've also never felt the luxury of getting to split that rent check in half. Living in Fort Collins is not cheap. I'm also pretty sure I live in a building of all couples, and I'm one of the only people in the building who is footing her monthly bill on her own. *must be nice*

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  • OK, it's not ALL that bad... ;)