As the saying goes, sometimes a picture can tell a whole story in a thousand words by itself. And a picture posted by the Fort Collins Police does just that.

Doc, who is a K9 partner to Officer Ross of the Fort Collins Police Department, went through emergency surgery yesterday due to an obstruction and had his partner by his side the entire time.

A statement from the Fort Collins Police Services Facebook page had the following to say:

"Yesterday, Officer Ross noticed that something seemed wrong with his K9 partner, Doc. A trip to the vet revealed an intestinal obstruction that required emergency surgery. The surgery was successful, and Officer Ross stayed by his side all night. Doc's recovery is off to a good start, but veterinarians are still monitoring him for potentially serious complications. Please keep this outstanding K9 and his partner in your thoughts!"

As you can see from the picture, canines that work for the police department make as much of an impact on the community as their partners.

Doc will be in our thoughts all this weekend as we hope for his speedy recovery!