The annual "Undie Run" at Colorado State University attracted over 3,000 runners, however, three were contacted for public nudity. According to the Coloradoan, CSU discourages participation in the lighthearted event, but that doesn't stop a large percentage of the student body from participating. On Friday night (May 6, 2016), thousands of students disrobed and jogged across campus in nothing but their underwear.

On Saturday, authorities contacted three women who exposed their breasts to the crowd during the event. Police said they don't plan on charging the three people with public nudity, however, they are planning on leaving the punishment in the hands of the University and their conduct system. Authorities have also not identified any suspect in other incidents during the run that resulted in damage to barricades and residence hall windows.

CSU has stated, that as innocent as the event is, the Undie Run costs the Univeristy and city upwards of $15,000 every year. That money is spent on first responders and clean-up of the thousands of pounds of clothes left at the starting line.