The Colorado Department of Transportation has released a video and tips to help drivers stay safe on Colorado's highways and byways.

Daylight Saving Time will be ending on Sunday, November 6th and while wildlife doesn't have to contend with the sluggishness often associated with the change, they do move to lower elevations for the winter.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife want to remind you that with the fall back in time dusk will be arriving sooner and the chances for collisions with deer and elk increase on Colorado roads. The reason the video is making its rounds now is CDOT sees more accidents involving wildlife in November more than any other month.

Deer are most vulnerable during this time of year because it is peak mating season. They are more active, easily distracted, and more likely to be running across roadways.

CDOT offers some tips on avoiding collisions with wildlife:

  • Slow Down - driving more slowly helps with your reaction time and reduces the chance of a collision
  • Stay Alert while driving at dusk and dawn. This is when many of Colorado's wildlife are the most active and are likely to be crossing roadways.
  • Scan Ahead and watch for movement along roadsides. When driving at night, watch for shining eyes in headlights. Always look and be prepared for more than one animal.
  • Obey traffic signs and watch for wildlife warning signs.